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Spring Leagues Begin the week of April 11th!
Thursdays @ 7:00pm in East Alton:

- Begins Thursday, April 11th -
Standard Hatchet | Big Axe | KNIVES!

Sundays @ 4:00pm in East Alton:
 - Begins Sunday, April 14th -
Standard Hatchet | Duals | Big Axe


RBAT_WATL Header.png

Proudly affiliated with the World Axe Throwing League

& the World Knife Throwing League

See what it's all about:

League Format:

- WATL Singles, Duals, and Big Axe: standard league scoring - 4 matches per week.

- WKTL format for Knife Throwing

- 8 weeks (7 weeks of standard competition, final week is the playoff round)

- Sundays @ 4:00pm

- Thursday @ 7:00pm 

- WATL/WKTL rules/scoring/guidelines apply

- All scores tracked on official WATL/WKTL online leader board (compete locally and globally)

- Make up throwing will be allowed for approved absences.

- Participants are allowed to in more than one league but only one will count toward official WATL leaderboard.


One-time $5 WATL registration fee per discipline.

$20 per person per week (Thursday and Sundays are separate leagues)

Other important info:

- Bring your own axes or use ours - all axes must conform to WATL restrictions.

- League participants enjoy $15 throwing for up to 90 minutes any time at Riverbend Axe Throwing.

- Other non-WATL league formats will be available as interest allows (doubles, teams, etc...)


Check out WATL rules page for more info:

Contact Us

Thank you for contacting us, we do our best to reply to all messages within one business day!

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